About us

After building Sales Teams at multiple startups and working with different, traditional Recruitment Agencies, we discovered that traditional Recruitment is a little outdated and needs to be launched into the 21st century. And we decided to be the ones to make it happen. So today, we do things a little differently. Exactly how? Get in touch to find out :)

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you want to get to know us better? Feel free to ask away! Can't find your question? Don't worry, we got the answers at hello@xdrtalen.com

Hey! It's me! I'm Nick, Founder of XDR Talent and I work together with an amazing team of people to change recruitment and launch it into the 21st century.

Good question.. We help you build teams faster than you can imagine. And cheaper than you think too. Ask us about the ROI for your company during a demo call.

Well, first of all because we work with amazing companies. Because, like you, we are quite picky when it comes to the companies we want to work with. This means we thoroughly assess every company that we work with on: 1. Management style and ethics 2. Development opportunities 3. Salary and other benefits 3. Financial stability and investors Secondly, we know you have no time to waste - so we have an agreement with all of the companies we work with that you will get feedback in a timely manner. And lastly, we want you to find a job that's perfect for you and helps you become as successful as you can be in your next role. Therefore, we might also suggest other roles that suit you (better). So you never only have one shot with us :)

We want you to be mega successful in hiring for your company and we want to have long lasting relationships with all of our customers. Therefore, we make sure to be in touch as much as we can to make this a success and work together on our shared goals. So please, never be afraid to come to us with any problems. And, if it really doesn't work out - we'll surely find a way to make it up to you.

Awesome! We're super excited to help you hire the most amazing Talent for your teams. Simply get in touch with us at Hello@xdrtalent.com and we'll get this thing up in the air in no-time🚀

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